You might be swinging a club that’s too heavy, meaning you’re not generating sufficient clubhead speed and ball velocity to hit the ball as far as you’d like with consistency. Introducing the G430 HL (High Launch) build, a new full-set custom option for slower-swing-speed golfers. Custom engineered with lighter head weights, shaft and grip, the overall system is lighter so you’ll swing faster and generate more ball speed for higher-launching, longer-carrying shots across the entire set.

G430 HL Drivers

The MAX and SFT models utilize lighter backweights (11g), the FUJIKURA SPEEDER NX35/45 shaft and lightweight grip to deliver more ball speed with extreme forgiveness. In testing, slower-swing-speed players gained on average nine yards with the HL build.

G430 HL Fairways

The MAX and SFT HL fairways rely on a 5.5-gram aluminum backweight, FUJIKURA SPEEDER NX35/45 shaft and lightweight grip to achieve lighter head and swingweights, making them easy-to-swing alternatives that will have you hitting more greens than ever.

G430 HL Hybrids

The HL hybrids help you swing faster and launch the ball higher and farther to reach more greens and stop the ball close, relying on a 5.5-gram aluminum backweight, FUJIKURA SPEEDER NX35/45 shaft and IOMIC STICKY SL AQUA grip. Available 3H-7H.

G430 HL Irons

In the irons, being fit for the HL build is one way to give you a little more distance and consistency to hit more greens. Lighter toe and tip weights combine with the lightweight shaft and grip to achieve the lighter overall build and swingweights.

Lightweight Shafts for Easy High Trajectory

PING original lightweight shaft designed exclusively for Japan that achieves high trajectory. With a standard length of 46 inches, the tip bends and the head runs, making it easy to raise the height. A light shaft increases head speed for maximum carry.

IOMIC Sticky SL Aqua Grip

A PING original grip exclusively for Japan that is 10g lighter than the G430 standard grip. The AQUA grip, which is recommended for the average palm size of Asians, is lighter and swings faster with the optimum total weight.

Interested in the G430 High Launch Clubs?

PING offers the most time-tested and precise custom-fitting process in golf,
one proven to generate the optimal ball flights and consistency you need to shoot lower scores.